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The Academies for Social Entrepreneurship

The Academies for Social Entrepreneurship helps develop innovative solutions to social problems by providing rigorous training and mentoring for social entrepreneurs. Since 2009, ASE has helped 256 organizations launch ventures, producing more than 10 million dollars in new investment and earned income streams.  Our core program is Social Enterprise Academies, which take place over approximately six months and engages 6 to 12 organizations in a rigorous growth planning process. During an Academy, participants receive training, mentoring and the chance to participate in a venture competition where they present their plan to potential investors. We seek to grow ventures that:

  •  Directly address a particular social problem
  • Influence systems, not just symptoms of the problem
  • Have a proven leadership team
  • Project significant social and financial returns
  • Prioritize social impact over financial gain for its owners

ASE staff also regularly offers workshops to encourage people to develop themselves as social entrepreneurs, to learn about the world of social enterprise and/or to begin to determine what kind of social enterprise would be best for their organization.