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Roots Equity Group

Roots Equity Group is a private equity group founded by Shawn Hakim, focused on partnering with and growing US based companies with $1M-$15M in EBITDA. They are industry agnostic, with a preference for companies in the verticals of social enterprise, technology, and business services.

The group is hands on with all of their portfolio companies. When they invest in a company, they truly partner with current ownership: obtaining strategic partners, developing new lines of revenue, optimizing supply chain, amongst a plethora of tasks tailored for that portfolio company to grow. With their approach of holding a tight knit portfolio, the success of each portfolio company matters. Roots Equity Group prides itself in putting in the time and effort to make that happen.

If you have a company doing $1M-$15M in EBITDA and are looking for smart capital to grow with or are looking to sell, contact Roots Equity Group at