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REDF (The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) is a pioneering venture philanthropy that creates jobs and transforms lives like no other organization in America. We are the leader of a national movement of employment-focused social enterprises, the successful brand of businesses that invest the money they make into helping their employees get a lasting shot at a better life.

REDF is distinctive as the only philanthropy in the United States that invests exclusively in social enterprises focused on employment. We advise and connect them, and help them measure their impact so they can grow and serve more people. And we have one mission – jobs – for millions of people who cannot get work because of histories of homelessness, incarceration, mental health issues, substance abuse or limited education.

Since 1997, REDF has invested in over 100 social enterprises in 21 states. To date, those businesses have earned $227 million in revenue and employed nearly 18,000 people (and counting).

REDF is dedicated to transforming lives, one job at a time. We are an investment that works.

For more information, follow REDF @REDFworks or visit

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