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Jubilee! We forgive when you give!

Shared Harvest Fund (SHF) has created a game-changing digital job board and platform that is disrupting the student lending industry.  This innovative approach allows skilled professionals to earn stipends towards their student loan debt by working on projects for nonprofit organizations to improve local neighborhoods. Our network is comprised of Debtfreelancers™, Nonprofit ChangeMakers, and Business Harvesters who want to tackle the student loan debt crisis and meet their programming goals.  We seamlessly pair our members with the social causes they care about, they complete projects from the nonprofit’s wishlist, and we make a contribution directly towards their student loans.  Simple as that! The platform also provides free financial education to our members and marketing and event promotion for each nonprofit Changemaker in the network. We encourages employee friendly business to invest in our business solution as their main job board to recruit top talent skilled professional do-gooders within our network. Together, we cultivate a skilled and socially mindful workforce that is financially savvy and student debt-free.

SHF is more than just a job board, it’s a movement!  We understand that student loan debt has negatively affected volunteering rates impacting thousands of nonprofit organizations with psychological consequences for professionals who wish to serve. It’s our desire to recapture and promote these benefits by tackling this nation-wide crisis while increasing the human resource potential in the nonprofit sector.  Our mission is to offer at least 20 million dollars in student loan debt relief by 2020. Our aim is to reduce borrower debt one social good at a time. 

Through the Shared Harvest Fund,  nonprofit ChangeMakers and business Harvesters join the harvest community by contributing to a great cause, all while maximizing human resource capital. Our talented and experienced workers are ready to leverage their skills to advance your mission and achieve social good. Shared Harvest Fund strives to make our partners prosper by fostering lifelong connections between our members and our affiliated organizations.

If reducing student loan debt and increasing volunteerism resonates with you, visit our crowdfunding page to donate and share our message with your family and friends.

We are signing up the first 500 nonprofit organizations and businesses at an early-bird special rate + special discount to SEA members.  Contact us today for details by call (323) 880 -0121 or drop us a line at:

Shared Harvest Fund: where giving back pays off